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Bruce Jones

"TALK!!" starring Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones

"Powerful, funny and informative"

About The Play

TALK!! Tackling the Taboo is a new theatre production that tackles a condition affecting much of the UK adult population. Rich and poor, young and old, male and female; people from all walks of life are within its grip, yet it still remains a taboo subject - depression.

TALK!! seeks to address the stigma surrounding depression and encourage more openness.

The play aims to get people who may be suffering in silence to talk, to find help and to start to overcome their depression. It also seeks to help people recognise depression in others and to offer an open ear and helping hand.

Many people will recognise Bruce Jones as Les Battersby from t.v.'s Coronation Street. Bruce has also enjoyed a long career as an award-winning film actor. His personal battles with depression are well documented, but once he'd come through the other side, it proved to be the catalyst behind TALK!!

Bruce says, "I know now that by not talking about how I felt and by denying my depression I was just making things worse. Eventually after decades of holding it all in it finally got the better of me. But by talking and seeking help I got through it. Talking saved my life and now I want to be able to pass the message on that you are not alone, you are not a freak or a failure and there is a way out of this."

Now Bruce Jones returns to his live acting roots in this moving and entertaining one-man play. In his most powerful performance to date Bruce pulls no punches in tackling this topic and deals with depression in an honest and inspiring way.

TALK!! premiered at Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay on Fri 12th & Sat 13th April 2013. Dates for the national tour to be announced. Check out this review from the opening nights at Colwyn Bay